Creative Diaspora and Democratic School 5, entrance7
Each person has many interests and hobbies - and we create such an eco-system in which you, your children or parents can build your day in accordance with hobbies and interests.

It is important for us that the place to work becomes an organic continuation of the house, so that people can come here with the whole family and go about their business: those who plan to work can work here, those who want to study, socialize or play do it.
Democratic School 5, entrance 7

The main outcome of the project should be:

Optimizing your time
Improving the culture of relationships between people, children, parents
Balance between self, family, work and hobbies
Strengthening the institution of the family, bringing together the interests of all its members
Opportunity to combine personal growth and family
Formation of a mindset for the creation of a socially healthy society

You can join the on the terms that are comfortable for you. There are basic prices, but it is important for us to make the school truly accessible to everyone, so everyone can offer their own conditions.

The only condition: to participate in the environment means not only to use it, but also to bring something into it.


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